So is this what love at first sight feels like?

I was not prepared. Are you the one? I can’t even remember your name. Cinderella you are. Your brother left his bracelet with my friend. Now I need to find you. To return it.

You charmed me, without trying. It was so platonic, but then in a split second I just knew. I needed you to be in my life. Forever. This is so crazy, so unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. You are just perfect.

Now I’m on a mission, to find you. Will it really take me to fly to Myanmar? To Switzerland? That’s insane. But it will be so glorious, the journey, the quest, to find love. Literally. To find you, and reunite. The weird thing is, before we started chatting, I felt your eyes on me the whole time when we were sitting at our separate groups outside the restaurant but I thought I was imagining it. Is it real? Or am I still drunk from last night?

I need you in my life. And I need it now.


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