I open all these doors

… and then i refuse to close’em

I am such a f*ckin indecisive gemini bitch

They say, you got to first close a door to see new ones open. But what i’m doing is going around and opening them all f*ckin up, and just running around being maniacal and obsessive.

I try to tell myself — “GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF WOMAN!”, and just take a chance and stick to one. 

But it feels like the most difficult thing right now, as it only took me more than a year to be sure of one decision, and finally I’ve managed to close one door behind me (which too immense effort and excruciating amount of a painfully dragged out timeframe).  

Now, my next challenge is to have the courage to just walk through one door and see where the path may lead me. Wish me luck!


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