This concept. This measurement. This construct that creates meaning for us.

Time can be a bitch. Time can be godsend. Time can make us panic, make us relax, make us efficient, make us reflect, make us…

What is time to you?

Time for me right now, right at this moment, is an absolute cunt.

I’m cursing the time, timing. 

Timing is throwing me under the bus, but also guiding me through the tunnel of darkness and closer and closer towards my destiny of brightness amongst the stars in the universe.

I know, it’s bigger than me, and it’s bigger than you. It’s bigger than love. We can’t see time in retrospect, until we live through it, past it, along it, ride with it.

But right now, I’m struggling through a tough knot. Is JC my future? Is JCL written in the constellations? But what about TWG? Or NI and JI. They are catchy too. And how does VM fit into the mix? Next, I’ll be crying on the shoulders of JD, and we would swear to be together and til death do we part.


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